Entry #1


2008-05-16 20:46:22 by ratherlemony

Bruce bot, my rusting mechanical thingymahjigg, is keeping an eye on this spot until I can be bothered to update with something more meaningful.

Anyway, hi. I'm Sarah. I like to make things up and write them down/draw them/see them happen. More of a lurker than anything else, but feel free to say hello or something; I'm usually farily amiable and don't bite hard. When in a less lurky mood, you'll sometimes find me in the art forum. I've got a sketch thread there and everything.

If you like what I upload to newgrounds, you ought to go here or here and dither about a bit. I update both a bit more than here, but still fairly sporadically (but also sometimes often).



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2008-05-16 21:29:19

Nice placeholder.

ratherlemony responds:

Cheers. Just a little sketch in OpenCanvas, but I'm rather fond of him.


2008-05-20 20:32:31

Love the robot. Also I liked the sketch you did for the forum "15 minute sketches!!!'

More please!


2008-05-21 06:24:21

I´m going to like this gal. Very much.
Keep the good work up; I, at least , will thank you a lot for it.


2008-06-21 21:53:33

Awesome pic. you're really good.

ratherlemony responds:

Well. Thank you very much (: I'm flattered.


2008-06-22 17:08:20

hello trannies


2008-06-27 18:50:00

You're a great artist man (woman) Keep it up!


2008-06-29 20:22:07

i hope some day i can create great drawings like this


2008-07-12 01:54:30

your hot .....pucker up! lol nice artwork btw


2008-10-13 13:35:45

*gulp*, I do have the nerves to put something here. But I'm gonna run away as soon as I'm done here. Uhm, in case you didn't know, that looks AWESOME. It's not like one random bloke drawing something, but someone who really put an effort in there and dropped a great piece of art!!!

Uhm, tomato!

ratherlemony responds:

Late reply, but better late than never: Thank you! Glad you like it. I guess I like character design, so no point in being half-arsed about drawing even if it's just a quick one. Or something.

Tomato to you too.